Using an iPad screen as live video input in VDMX

When using VDMX I’m always looking for new types of video input and live interaction. I love the idea of direct manipulation on the iPad and was looking for a way to broadcast that through VDMX. Follow the simple steps below to use your iPad in your own setup.

You will need:

  • VDMX5
    My real-time video performance or VJ software of choice.
  • AirServer
    AirServer is the most advanced AirPlay receiver. It allows you to receive AirPlay feeds, similar to an Apple TV, so you can stream content or Mirror your display from your iOS devices or Macs running Mountain Lion or Mavericks.
  • Syphon
    Syphon is an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share frames – full frame rate video or stills – with one another in realtime.

Let’s get started

  1. Start VDMX and create a new project [⌘+N]VDMX-iPad
  2. Launch AirServer
  3. On your iPad, go to your AirPlay settings and select your AirServer server, usually named after your Macbook. Then select Mirroring. VDMX-iPad2
  4. Your iPad screen will appear in a window on your desktop. Make sure not to close this window, otherwise this won’t work.
  5. Start Syphon’s Simple Server and Simple Client.
  6. In the Simple Client select your iPad in the sources drop down.VDMX-iPad3
  7. In VDMX right-click in your media bin and select “Add Clips From Built-In Sources > Syphon > AirServer-YOUR IPAD NAME”VDMX-iPad4
  8. Make sure the clip is selected and highlighted in red.VDMX-iPad5
  9. Start using your iPad as a live input.

See it in action:

Using an iPad screen as live input in VDMX from Tobias Treppmann on Vimeo.




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