Easter VJ Set

I was approached by Lancaster Alliance Church to see if I could create two VJ sets for the Easter season, specifically the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. The goal was to create an immersive experience bringing together sound, visuals, drama and spoken word that create a new experience of the Easter story for attendees.


My setup included widescreen projection using VDMX5, Korg NanoKontrol2 and over 500  CreativeCommons Vimeo clips as well as a few purchased clips from Triplewidemedia.


Korg NanoKontrol2



Below are video excerpts from both services.

LAC 2014 Easter Service – Friday (including Tobystereo VJ Set) from Tobias Treppmann on Vimeo.

LAC 2014 Easter Service – Sunday (VJ Set) from Tobias Treppmann on Vimeo.


Generative Flamenco

An experiment in generative music creation

(Processing, Ableton Live)


Generative Flamenco analyzes an image of a couple dancing to flamenco music pixel by pixel and translating it into MIDI signals, filtered by range, scale and key.


The small white square indicates the current position. The square loops through the picture line by line horizontally from left to right and top to bottom. Clicking anywhere in the picture will move the square.

Pixel to MIDI

The brightness value will be mapped to pitch and duration, saturation to velocity. The MIDI signals are sent to Ableton Live and output with a layer of filters and effects. Tempo, and transport control (Play, Stop) can be controlled from within Generative Flamenco.


In Action


Download the Processing sketch and Ableton Project on github.