Easter VJ Set

I was approached by Lancaster Alliance Church to see if I could create two VJ sets for the Easter season, specifically the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. The goal was to create an immersive experience bringing together sound, visuals, drama and spoken word that create a new experience of the Easter story for attendees.


My setup included widescreen projection using VDMX5, Korg NanoKontrol2 and over 500  CreativeCommons Vimeo clips as well as a few purchased clips from Triplewidemedia.


Korg NanoKontrol2



Below are video excerpts from both services.

LAC 2014 Easter Service – Friday (including Tobystereo VJ Set) from Tobias Treppmann on Vimeo.

LAC 2014 Easter Service – Sunday (VJ Set) from Tobias Treppmann on Vimeo.


Generative Flamenco

An experiment in generative music creation

(Processing, Ableton Live)


Generative Flamenco analyzes an image of a couple dancing to flamenco music pixel by pixel and translating it into MIDI signals, filtered by range, scale and key.


The small white square indicates the current position. The square loops through the picture line by line horizontally from left to right and top to bottom. Clicking anywhere in the picture will move the square.

Pixel to MIDI

The brightness value will be mapped to pitch and duration, saturation to velocity. The MIDI signals are sent to Ableton Live and output with a layer of filters and effects. Tempo, and transport control (Play, Stop) can be controlled from within Generative Flamenco.


In Action


Download the Processing sketch and Ableton Project on github.


This weekend, make your own cellphone: DIY Cellphone

DIY Cellphone

As part of his PhD research at the MIT Media Lab, David A. Mellis is working on an open-source cellphone built with an Arduino using the GSM shield and library. He published his code and instructions, so you can build your own cellphone this weekend.  


Bisous les copains — Weekly Animated Gifs by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Voila Capture48

Check out Guillaume Kurkdjian’s beautifully hand-crafted animated Gifs full of life and humor.

Hat tip: @hellohynes.


ThreeJS playGnd — A sandbox for learning WebGL

threeJS playGrnd

If you’ve always wanted to learn three.js, now is the time. Three.js playGnd lets you learn by playing with examples and live manipulation of settings. Check out the video for an overview.


Learning Regex

Regex, Regexp or Regular expressions are a special syntax used in programming to search for patterns in a text. They are often used to validate form input, or for intelligent search and replace. The Regex markup looks very complicated as it is often a long string of characters.

This Regex pattern validates the US-postal code format

Regex itself follows a very logical pattern and can be very powerful and much easier than other attempts at parsing text. Whether you need simple format conversion (US to European numbers, “–” to “—”), email address validation in web forms, or validate if the password your users create matches your required format, Regex can be of help.


Watch Lea Verou’s Talk

The internet is full of resources for learning this wizardry. A good starting point is Lea Verou’s celebrated presentation at O’Reilly’s Fluent Conference 2012: /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions

Try it out at Regexplained

She also created Regexplained, a nifty tool to help you learn.

Learn it step by step at RegexOne

Regex One

RegexOne is a short little course that helps you earn Regex with simple, interactive examples and a comprehensive list of exercises.


HTML5 Pattern

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from and build on existing patterns at html5pattern.com

HTML5 Pattern

Mozilla Developer Network – Regex Reference

The group at mozilla has put together a Regex reference that will come in handy, especially if you work with JavaScript.


Oyster ($4.99)


Oyster calls itself an IDE for Regex. It serves as a reference, a development environment as well as a library for your Regex patterns. It also allows you to export your patterns for a large number of programming languages. (Unfortunately Regex has been implemented slightly different across languages). You can get Oyster on the Mac App Store. 

Reggie (Free)


Reggie is an open-source Regex tester/viewer.


Too complicated?

Try VerbalExpressions by JehnaVerbalExpressions create RegEx using natural language in JavaScript.


Have you used Regex?

What was your experience? How did you learn it? Do you find it useful?


Emmet LiveStyle — Syncing up Chrome Developer Tools and Sublime Text

Emmet LiveStyle

This feels like a big break-through. Emmet LiveStyle updates the CSS you are working on live in the browser, without the need to save. This includes SCSS. As if this wasn’t nice enough, this also goes the other way. Styles changed in Chrome’s Developer Tools will be updated in Sublime Text. Check out Emmet LiveStyle for live bi-directional CSS editing here.