Concentrate – an rdio playlist that helps you focus


Concentrate is a playlist for getting work done, curated by the fantastic Trent Walton.



Hipster Logo Design Guide

Never knew how to nail that hipster logo aesthetic? Now you can get it right every time with http://hipster




The amazing Lea Verou created this nifty tool to help you learn Regular Expressions.


Prose — A Content Editor for GitHub


I’ve been considering static site generation — specifically using Jeckyll — for a while now. I love the idea of speed, simplicity and using markdown in place of any WYSWIG your CMS may offer. After creating my first GitHub hosted page earlier this year I learned that GitHub supports Jeckyll. Now I am set to try it out and Prose may just be the last thing I need to use it for client work.


Sneak Peek: Macaw — the code-savvy web design tool

Macaw preview

The amazing @attasi is at it again, here he gives a sneak peek of my next web design editor.


PRISM — All Your Data In One Place


PRISM, a great new web service. It’s Free, Fast, Easy and Secure. #mademesmile


Forget UI, here comes FUI

Fantasy User Interface

Fantasy User Interfaces, Fictional User Interfaces, Fake User Interfaces, Futuristic User Interfaces. Regardless of what the F stands for, they all represent the same thing, the user interfaces and heads up displays found in many popular movies and television shows. Check out this amazing library of examples.