Leap Forward




Just completed: the stories page for HOPE Internationals Leap Forward campaign website.

Following the metaphor of HOPE International helping the poor around the world leap forward, a world map was visualized. The countries HOPE works in were drawn on the map and green circles representing people helped by HOPE jump out and start leaping forward. The bottom of the screen features a selection of success stories that can be scrolled through and clicked to reveal the person’s story. Responsive implementation using jQuery and ProcessingJS and CSS3.

Visit the site at: http://leapfwd.us/stories.html


“Pathways out of Poverty” a photography exhibit for HOPE International featuring work from Jeremy Cowart


For two months HOPE International had the privilege to exhibit at Prince Street Café in Lancaster, PA. The exhibit tells the story of the work of HOPE, enabling entrepreneurs in the developing world to break the cycle of poverty. With small loans and some business training entrepreneurs are enabled to grow their business to a point where they can not only provide for themselves and their families, but often even give back to the community and create jobs or support those in their community who cannot make it on their own.

I had the privilege to curate this exhibit that features Jeremy Cowart, professional photographer and a long time HOPE supporter who travelled with HOPE to document the work with HOPE’s partner Esperanza International in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The exhibit was very successful in broadening HOPE International’s visibility in the local community.

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