Using Transparent Animated GIFs in VDMX

VDMX will play animated GIFs, but won’t render transparency in a GIF. If you want to use transparent GIFs in your setup, you need to convert them into a video file with an alpha channel.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • VDMX
  • Apple Motion

Find a GIF with transparency


Maybe a dog from

Giphy Dog

Split the GIF into its frames

You can do that exporting each frame manually in Photoshop, or labeling each layer with a file extension and exporting it using a tool like Slicy. Or you can go all Internet and use EZGIF’s Online Splitter Tool.

EZGIF Splitter

Once uploaded, hit “Split It”

Voila Capture2014 05 06 02 47 57 PM

Then “Download frames as ZIP”

Voila Capture2014 05 06 02 48 40 PM

Import the frames into Apple Motion

Extract the files from the ZIP archive, select them all and drag them onto the canvas in Motion.

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 15 56 PM


Motion has imported them as a grouped object that can be moved and resized easily.

Resize it to your needs

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 18 39 PM

Adjust the Play Range

Make sure to adjust the play range to the length of the GIF.

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 41 23 PM

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 41 32 PM

Export to ProRes 4444

Export as a movie (CMD+E) and select “Apple ProRes 4444” as the output format.

Selet “Use play range” under “Duration”

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 20 58 PM

Make sure that “Color: Color + Alpha” is selected under the “Render” tab.

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 21 05 PM

Continue the process and export the video.

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 43 28 PM

Convert to Hap Alpha

Open VVBatchExporter.


  1. Import the video.
  2. If you don’t have a Hap Alpha preset, yet, select “QuickTIme Movie” as the output format and click “Settings”. 
  3. Click “Settings” again
  4. Choose “Hap Alpha” as the Compression Type and click ok on all dialogs.

Voila Capture2014 05 06 03 49 49 PM

To create the preset click “New from settings” and name it “Hap Alpha”

Select the “Hap Alpha” setting under output format.

Configure any other aspects to your needs and click “Export!”

Use Converted Video in VDMX

transparent animated gif in vdmx from Tobias Treppmann on Vimeo.

Happy GIFing!